Local SEO and Review Generation

Get More Customers Through Top Rankings on Google and Review Sites

Are you a business owner who’s tired of a sub-par web presence that doesn’t make money like you know it could? I’ll help you increase visitors and turn them from prospects into customers. How? With credible and convincing content that’s optimized for search engines, combined with an automated review process that turns positive customer experiences into online reviews.

  • Achieve page one rankings in Google for searches that represent purchase intent
  • Get a steady flow of positive reviews while addressing dissatisfied customers offline
  • Represent your business in a compelling and authentic way that matches up your true strengths to your prospects’ needs and desires

Rank on Google While Improving Your Reputation

I’ll help you rank while getting extra traffic and a reputation boost from review sites.

Google considers many factors when ranking sites. But some matter more than others. The most important factor for local searches is reviews. By addressing the SEO fundamentals along with a review strategy, you can dominate the competition. Imagine a future where you can focus on offering your services and products while new business rolls in and positive feedback is automatically captured. That’s the virtuous cycle of local SEO done right. And it’s how you’ll climb to the top of Google’s results and stay there.


Rank for the Right Keywords

Show Up for Commercial and Informational Searches
We’ll start by targeting “long-tail” (highly specific) keywords that have low competition. Once we build traction, we’ll hone in on the broader keywords you compete with the top players on. We’ll also target questions users have at the research phase along with the ones that represent an intent to buy now, so you already have a relationship when it comes time to make the sale.

Generate Positive Reviews

Automate Gathering of Positive Reviews
We’ll send out requests for customer feedback, with a Call to Action for happy customers to leave feedback on select review sites. Requests will also prompt users via a separate button to share feedback on bad experiences via phone or a web form. This helps you turn bad experiences into loyal customers and opportunities for improvement.

Adopt a Holistic Marketing and Web Strategy

With the Latest Techniques of Agencies & Tech Firms
I offer cutting-edge demand generation tactics to small business owners. These cover the range of online tactics needed to generate, nurture, and convert traffic. My experience includes SEO, email marketing, marketing automation, online advertising, web design and development, and conversion optimization.

Convince and Convert Prospects

Sell Authentically With Your True Strengths
We’ll have a rigorous, in-depth messaging phone call where I uncover the most compelling value propositions you can make to customers. I’ll compare these to your top competition and use my training and experience as a conversion copywriter to create content that sells to users who become loyal customers.

How it Works

Localized SEO

Local SEO is the process of ranking for terms related to local services and stores. It’s how you show up on Google Maps when people search for a local business. And it can be complex. As ranking factors have grown in number, it’s hard to know where to start. I help companies rank as quickly as possibly by prioritizing the most impactful tactics and ensuring their site provides an experience Google will want to expose users to.

Keyword Research

You need to use the phrases your customers use. I’ll rigorously research the range of keywords prospects use when researching and buying solutions like yours.

Conversion Content

Getting users onto your site is only half the battle. I’ll use our keywords along with conversion optimization techniques to create content that not only ranks but sells.

Listing Optimization

Local business listing sites are important for local SEO. I’ll optimize up your Google listing with keyword-rich content and submit to listing services across the web.

Site Speed

Speed is an important ranking factor. I’ll implement the speed tactics that produce the biggest results so your site loads fast for a better user experience.

Review Generation and Reputation Management

This technique changes the game for local businesses. Consider how often you consult reviews before making a purchase decision. Consumers today have numerous options for validating quality before buying. By adopting the tactics described below, we’ll cultivate a reputation that impresses both Google’s ranking algorithm and prospective customers.

Positive Reviews

Social proof is one of the most important factors influencing conversion. We’ll collect reviews that not only positively influence SEO, but which we can leverage to help sell.

Offline Feedback

How you handle inevitable bad experiences can turn a liability into an asset. We’ll collect negative feedback and attempt to turn the experience around while producing learnings for your business.

Easy Management

You need to use the phrases your customers use. I’ll rigorously research the range of keywords prospects use when researching and buying solutions like yours.

Monitoring & Reporting

You need to use the phrases your customers use. I’ll rigorously research the range of keywords prospects use when researching and buying solutions like yours.

The Process

Request Feedback

Reach out for feedback after service or product is delivered

Assess Sentiment

Customers indicate their level of satisfaction

Route Feedback

Happy customers are directed to review sites

Unhappy customers go to a feedback form and phone number for offline resolution

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