Online Advertising

Scale Your Business with Profitable Ads

on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Third-Party Sites

Build a Flowing Pipeline of New and Repeat Business

Online advertising can become a virtually limitless source of new (and returning) customers once optimized. It just takes getting to a Cost Per Lead or Sale that’s lower than what you make on each customer. I want to help you build this customer-acquisition machine.

  • Generate profitable ad campaigns that help scale your business fast with repeatable wins
  • Test and optimize your ads to discover your perfect audiences, messages, and offers
  • Understand your customers, their problems, and how your offers solve them
  • Create a sustainable pipeline of new customers so you can spend your time running your business and living your life

Ad Types We Can Deploy

Social Media

Advertise to Facebook and Instagram users by demographic, interest, location, job title, specific pages they follow, and more!

Search Engine

Advertise on Google and/or Bing to users who are searching specific keywords, meaning they have an expressed intent for what you’re selling!

Web Banners

Advertise with static or animated banners on third-party web sites, based on their pages’ keywords, which signal an interest of the user.


Serve ads to users that have visited specific pages on your site, across any of the previous three types. This will convert prospects left and right!

My Approach

Advertising has an objective. 99% of the time, the goal is revenue. Why do so many ads fail to meet the objective? Lack of focus on that goal, lack of rigor in testing, and lack of a process that methodically addresses prospect concerns at every stage of the buying process. My approach is different.

All About Conversions

It’s all about acquiring new customers and generating revenue. Some ad professionals report on metrics like “impressions” and measure soft factors like “brand awareness”. I’m not that kind of advertiser. I focus and report on conversions and revenue.

Nurture for the Sale

First, we drive traffic from searches on search engines, other web sites via banners, and/or from specific social media users. Then, we retarget ads to visitors who didn’t become customers. We hit them with different offers and messages across the web to sell them strategically.

Constant A/B Testing

I never run a just one variation of an ad. Every ad set gets multiple versions, testing an element of the message or visuals. I methodically take every campaign through a series of tests until we land on a version that turns prospects into customers like clockwork.

Test for Other Channels

Advertising can be used to test messages and offers planned for other media to see what works with your audience. It can be used to see what keywords you should invest in for SEO. Don’t blindly invest your marketing dollars and energy. Test first!

Capture Learnings

While many other advertisers test and optimize campaigns, few capture the results of tests and help you understand what they mean. These tests contain invaluable insights about your customers’ preferences, and I’ll work with you to understand them.

You Own It

Some agencies use expensive tools to distribute ads. If you want to take pause the engagement to focus on other things, you’re stuck. You either have to purchase the tool or redo their work in the ad platforms. I use tools that build ads directly within your own account on these platforms.

Smart budgeting

Every dollar you spend on ad media is an opportunity. I take your trust in me with those opportunities seriously. I’ll manage your money intelligently. I update allocations to top-performers multiple times per week, deactivating or tweaking low-perfomers, and ensuring we’re spending below your max.

Insightful Reporting

Since my focus is on conversions and revenue, that’s what you’ll see in my reports. I will report on the total number of sales, the total revenue (or estimated revenue, for lead-gen campaigns), and your margin after my fee and the cost of your ads.

How will advertising with Idea Man of Action help you?

Drive fast growth

My goal is to hit this profitability within 90 days so you can scale and reinvest. Once your ads are profitable, it’s time to hit the pedal and brace for growth.

Target your ideal customer

We can target based on Facebook and Instagram behavior, show banners on web sites based on their keywords, or advertise to specific searches on Google.

Generate fast learnings

By testing new messages and offers using ads, you can see what messages work with the right prospects before rolling out larger initiatives.

Scale your business

Once you’re spending less on ads than you’re making, the sky’s the limit. We’ll discuss your goals and leverage this success to get you closer to achieving them.

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