Web Site Creation and Conversion Optimization

Affordable Websites Laser-Focused on Making You Money

As a freelancer who has both hired and worked in agencies, I understand business owners’ pains in hiring web help: unclear pricing, missed deadlines, ballooning budgets, and narrow understanding of the ways websites can produce new business.

My decade of experience in digital marketing, web design, and development mean I offer deep knowledge of how web sites provide Return on Investment (or fail to).

I Offer A Better Way:

  • A website that makes you money, not one that’s just made to look pretty and show off the latest trends
  • Clear communication and visibility into your project, so you know what’s happening and what to expect
  • Customer service and education on how to use and improve your new site, made with a deep understanding of your business

Why Work with Me?

ROI Focus

As a business owner and performance-based marketer, I’m obsessed with numbers and metrics. I care about ensuring this investment produces a return.

Pricing Clarity

I charge a hybrid hourly and estimate rate. I will provide an estimate and the final cost will be plus or minus 25%, depending on hours worked.(?)

Alignment to Your Goals

I will work to understand your business, customers, and goals and set clear expectations around how we’ll achieve your vision profitably.

Dedicated to Quality

Bugs are bad for business. I use a mix of automated and outsourced manual Quality Assurance so fresh eyes can spot issues.

Holistic Perspective

I’ll ensure your site is built with considerations around user experience, search engine optimization, and conversion optimization in mind.

Specified Deliverables

Through my discovery process, I’ll generate a detailed list of what you’re getting to avoid costly changes of scope or mismatched outcomes as we move forward.

Timeline Management

I will clearly estimate the milestones and delivery timelines and work to stick to it. If I need to work overtime to stay on track, I will.

Education & Service

I will ensure your site is built with flexibility and owner control in mind and teach you how to use it. I will be available promptly to help as needed.

My Process

We’ll start with an in-depth discovery call to deeply explore your needs. This is about more than understanding what you want. I dive deep to understand your business model and goals so I can build a site that generates more and better business.

Conversion Copywriting

After discovery, I’ll do competitive and customer research and we’ll have a call to discuss messaging. I’ll probe for customer problems and desires and the ways in which you resolve their pains and improve their lives. Then, I’ll draft copy that speaks to their emotional and rational problems and goals and how your offering addresses them.

Web Design

I will perform a process called “wireframing”, where I lay out the content flow and make some design suggestions, but add no color, texture, or imagery. You’ll review this to see if you agree with the direction, then we’ll outsource to one of my design partners. While I’m a fair designer, we don’t want fair. We want exceptional. This ensures we get it.

Web Development

To build your website, I’ll use WordPress. It’s the world’s most popular content management system, powering 25% of the web. It provides “plugins” with functionality covering any use case. With it, I use a template and a page builder plugin that enable a visual, drag-and-drop page building approach that I can teach you. I’ll use minimal custom code so it’s easy to maintain.

Conversion Optimization

Certain web design conventions are proven to convert more average users into customers. I’ll build your site with these in mind. Most visitors don’t care about flashy trends. They want a clear and easy-to-use site. I’ll fulfill those expectations. Once launched, we can perform experiments that will put versions of designs or content against each other to see which produces more business.

Start Building A Site That Generates More Business

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